La plume cleansing pad
Original la plume cleansing pads

Original La Plume Cleansing Pads (2 Pack)

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Replacing single-use face wipes, the La Plumes are made for the conscious consumer. La Plume's buttery-soft microfiber formula uses ultra-fine fibres which are able to penetrate deep into the skin and remove makeup just with the addition of water! With the added pocket, you are able to reach even the most difficult of areas and remove all the last stubborn remnants of makeup without stretching or pulling the skin.

Size: 12cm 


100% polyester. La Plume's buttery-soft microfiber formula uses ultra-fine fibres which penetrates deep into the skin without any stretching or pulling, reducing the risk of fine lines. It is light and fluffy allowing it to dry super quickly, ready to be used again and again. 


After each use, hand wash in warm soapy water and then place in a washing bag and machine wash then air dry weekly. 

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